The Brush Club Shirt - Support Our Cause

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For $13 you are not only just getting a T-Shirt. You are joining a group of people that support and seek out to help our environment flourish. This isn't just a shirt, it is a movement. 

Our T-Shirts are made by Next Level (my favorite wholesale brand). We take home 0% percent of the profits from them, and guarantee that any money spent on a t-shirt goes back into the business for product/product development/eco-friendly projects.

We are passionate about helping inspire and create change in the communities around us. It all starts with you. With your help, we can change the mindset behind recycling, and green living. Let's not just live in this world, lets cultivate it, and help it grow.

 **All t-shirts will be delivered within 7-10 business days of the order.**

Thanks for all your support! Grab a shirt, and Join The Club.