The Bamboo Brush - His & Hers

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Have you ever picked up a toothbrush in the morning, started brushing, and suddenly realized "this isn't my toothbrush"? We hope not, but just incase, we added a second color to help you out! 

As a part of The Bamboo Brush Club, You Will Get A New Toothbrush Automatically Sent To You Every 1-4 Months, Your Choice.

Cancel Anytime! 

Product Details:

- 2 Different Color Brushes (Green & Blue)

-100% Recycled & Reusable Shipping Materials

-100% Bamboo Brush

-Naturally Moisture Wicking


-BPA Free/Non-Toxic Nylon Bristles

-100% Compostable Packaging

-Bristles are Soft/Medium